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“Making a positive social impact by simplifying opportunity zone investments, strategies, & projects”

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What is an Opportunity Zone?

A predetermined geographical area in need of economic improvement.

2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act created Opportunity Zones (OZ) to revitalize distressed neighborhoods and communities, both urban and rural. OZ's were designed with the goal of spurring investment in low-income communities that have been underserved. The OZ rules were finalized in January 2020.

8,764 low-income census tracts were designated by each Governor and ratified by the US Treasury to be considered Opportunity Zones. OZ's constitute 12% of the US landmass and approximately 10% of Americans (~35 Million). North Carolina has 252 OZ census tracts while South Carolina has 132. Every County in the Carolina's has at least one OZ census tract.

Through a powerful capital gains incentive, businesses and investors can invest to build new housing, retail, grocery stores, schools, offices, and other commercial ventures. Which will bring an economic boost to OZ communities.

Unique to Opportunity Zones, ANYONE can invest in OZ's - from large corporations to small businesses and individual investors.

OZ's are built to impact the community long term. As a result, investors that invest 5, 7, and 10 years receive unique tax benefits.


Do you have a property in NC or SC and want to know if it’s in an OZ? 

Check out the maps:

NC or SC

Additional NC Demographic Data

FAQ from IRS

Why invest in an OZ?

Receive ALL the same benefits of traditional Real Estate and Business Ownership...BUT ADD

  • An OZ "Bubble" around your investment

  • A positive economic impact in underserved communities

Tax Deferral: Investors can defer the taxation of certain prior gains by investing them into a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF). Taxes will be deferred until the earlier of, the date on which the investment in the QOF is sold or exchanged, or December 31, 2026.  


Step up In Basis 10%: If the QOF investment is held for at least 5 years, 10% of the gain that was originally deferred is eliminated completely. If the QOF investment is held for at least 7 years, an additional 5% (15% total) of the original deferred gain is eliminated completely. The Step-up in Basis is applicable on certain prior gains held in the QOF investment for 5 to 7 or more years up to December 31, 2026. 

Permanent Tax Forgiveness: If the QOF investment is held for at least 10 Years, the investor can receive a permanent tax exclusion on the appreciation in the OZ Investment.     


Depreciation Benefits: All "normal" tax benefits of business and real estate ownership are also available to investors in QOFs. As such, the investor may use deductions from depreciation to offset certain types of income through-out the hold period. HOWEVER, unique to OZ Investments, if the QOF investment is held for at least 10 Years when sold or exchanged, the investor is NOT required to repay the depreciation benefit (aka "depreciation recapture.") 

How can you benefit from Opportunity Zone Investments? 

• Do you or will you have Eligible Capital Gains? 

• Do you need an OZ Strategy? 

• Do you need Capital for your project or business?

• Do you have a project in an Opportunity Zone?

• Do you Own Land in an Opportunity Zone?

• Are you a Municipality or Non-Profit and want to about OZs?


Want to see an example? 

Click here for an Investor Example from

FAQ from IRS

In the Lake

Ready for Investment


Lake Project Phase 1

$4 Million

$1M Capital (Capital Gain Preferable) 

10% Cash on Cash

33% ARR

32% IRR

5.4x Multiple 



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Rex Vick Jr.

Land Developer & Investor

I’ve known and worked with Rick on various projects for years. These guys are smart, have excellent vision, and will take care of you.


Rob Ferguson

Capital Investments & Debt Lending

Carolina OZ Group has a solid & professional team in place.  I am extremely comfortable referring my

clients when they need successful Opportunity Zone Navigation.


Robert Koenekamp

Investor & Business Owner

Carolina OZ Group has it figured out!  Their program structure is a win-win.  What investor wouldn’t want secured investments with predictable returns & cash flow? The unbelievable tax benefits and positive social impact make it a home run.  If you have capital gains and need a solid investment strategy, engage with them.

Meet The Team

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Jim Sandy



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Organizational, Operational, & Investor Strategy and Execution 



CPA, Real Estate, Big 4 Accounting, General Contractor Qualifier, and US Controller/CFO Large Int'l Corporation


Russ Anderson


Vice President

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Investor Relations, Development, and Project Management 



Risk Management, Real Estate, Developer, Entrepreneur


Rick Helton


Vice President

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Development and General Construction 




Development, Commercial and Large Scale General Construction


Paul Saint-Pierre


Chief Adviser

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Business, Fund, and OZ Advisor




Multi-Billion Dollar Fund Administrator; CFO of Investment Companies & Business Development Companies (BDC)


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